THE LAWYER’S DAILY – Law society faces pushback on diversity initiative, to host information session

Darryl Singer, of Singer Barristers Professional Corporation, has also been receiving calls about the statement of principles.

“First of all, I think it is unnecessary,” he explained. “As the owner of a law firm I am obligated in three different ways to ensure that I do not discriminate or harass in any way. I am obligated first and foremost as a licensee of the law society. I’m bound by the rules of professional conduct. I’m already bound not to discriminate and harass based on that. That applies to all lawyers, whether you’re a law firm owner or not. Number two, as a business owner it goes even further. I am also bound by the Employment Standards Act. I’m also bound by the Ontario Human Rights Code.”

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ADVOCATE DAILY – Road to recovery: life after a professional misconduct complaint (Part 1 of 4)

When lawyers face disciplinary action at the Law Society Tribunal, they often assume it’s the end of their career, says Toronto-area personal injury lawyer Darryl Singer.

Such was the case recently with a 45-year old lawyer who called on Singer after learning he was facing disciplinary action at the tribunal, he tells

“The daily stress wore him down,” says Singer, principal of Singer Barristers Professional Corporation. “He had financial pressures and developed deep depression, which he tried to cure by self-medicating with alcohol, and that led to mistakes in his practice. He thought his career was over.”

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