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Darryl Singer believes in speaking his mind, giving back to the legal profession, doing the right thing, and speaking out for those who cannot speak for themselves. He is frequently quoted in The Law Times and has been published in The Globe and Mail. He is regularly featured on Newstalk 1010, Toronto’s largest talk radio station. He is a member of AdvocateDaily.com. He is the wellness columnist for The Lawyer’s Daily, a LexisNexis Canada publication. He blogs about legal ethics and fighting for those who don’t have a voice at Huff Post Canada.


ADVOCATE DAILY - PI lawyers play a vital role under current claims process

With any insurance claim, a protracted battle starts — and a personal injury lawyer’s role is to fight with your insurer to oblige them to honour the policy, Toronto-area personal injury lawyer Darryl Singer writes in The Lawyer’s Daily.


CITY NEWS - Personal injury lawyer Darryl Singer says victims could be left helpless by drivers in the wrong

With the new Ontario rules of "self-reporting car accidents," due to too many minor collisions, there is no accident report written by a police officer. Many accident victims will then see a personal injury lawyer without this report that is probably missing key information such as: what happened; who the other driver is; what is the other driver's address and contact information; what is the other driver's insurance company, and so on.

"What I see happening, as a personal injury lawyer, is that soft tissue injuries like whiplash often take months to manifest. They are not immediate. So, without that police report, it makes it difficult to prove who was at fault," says Darryl Singer.

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