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Darryl Singer believes in speaking his mind, giving back to the legal profession, doing the right thing, and speaking out for those who cannot speak for themselves. He is frequently quoted in The Law Times and has been published in The Globe and Mail. He is regularly featured on Newstalk 1010, Toronto’s largest talk radio station. He is a member of AdvocateDaily.com. He is the wellness columnist for The Lawyer’s Daily, a LexisNexis Canada publication. He blogs about legal ethics and fighting for those who don’t have a voice at Huff Post Canada.


CBC NEWS - Bomb blast victims sue Bombay Bhel for $6M, claim Mississauga restaurant target of 'turf war'

Six victims of a bomb blast in late May are suing a popular Indian restaurant in Mississauga, Ont., for damages totalling $6 million, alleging the establishment failed to provide proper security amid a "turf war between rival business associates."

Their lawyers outlined details of the civil lawsuit during a Tuesday morning news conference at Diamond & Diamond, a Toronto-based personal injury law firm.

"The owners of the Bombay Bhel restaurant knew or ought to have known there was an issue with security and that they were targeted," lawyer Darryl Singer told reporters.


CITY NEWS - Victims of Mississauga restaurant bombing file suit against Bombay Bhel

Six of the 15 people injured in a bombing west of Toronto in May are suing the restaurant where the incident took place, their lawyers said Tuesday, alleging the business’s owners and managers failed to take precautions to protect them.

Each plaintiff is suing Bombay Bhel, the Mississauga restaurant where the bombing happened, for $1 million, according to a statement of claim filed on Monday and announced at a news conference on Tuesday.


CTV NEWS - Six victims of Mississauga restaurant bombing launch $6M lawsuit against owners

Six victims of a bombing at a popular Indian restaurant in Mississauga have launched a $6 million lawsuit, alleging its owners failed to provide adequate security to protect its patrons.

The Bombay Bhel restaurant was bustling with customers and children on the evening of May 24 when an explosion rocked the dining area, sending shrapnel flying at unsuspecting diners.


MISSISSAUGA NEWS - Victims of Mississauga bombing at Bombay Bhel suing restaurant: Lawyers

Six victims of May’s bombing at Mississauga’s Bombay Bhel restaurant have filed a civil lawsuit, the details of which will be announced this morning.

The victims are suing the restaurant and the corporation that owns it.

There were a total of 15 injured in the explosion May 24 at the restaurant at 5035 Hurontario St. Three suffered “critical blast injuries,” according to Diamond and Diamond Personal Injury Lawyers, the firm representing the six victims.


680 NEWS - Victims of Bombay Bhel bombing suing the Mississauga restaurant

Six of the fifteen victims of a bombing in a Mississauga restaurant earlier this year are taking legal action against the restaurant.

Lawyers for the victim said the six victims will be suing Bombay Bhel for $1-million each in damages.

“The plaintiffs believe that the bombing was carried out by a rival faction in a ‘turf war’ between rival business associates,” a statement reads.
“Therefore, on May 24, 2018, Bombay Bhel knew or ought to have known that it was targeted directly for the bombing.”


THE LAWYER'S DAILY - Wellness: End of civil dialogue bad for legal profession and your health

Lately, I find it absolutely necessary for my mental health to give myself a “news free” day. No Canadian or American news. No social media. I’m finding the polarization of political and social viewpoints to be energy depleting and soul sucking. Some commentators have even speculated that it may be a hybrid form of PTSD.


THE TORONTO SUN - Former student sues teacher charged with sexually assaulting her

Toronto Police had issued a statement that they’d arrested Wexford Collegiate School of the Arts teacher John Kraft, 57, after a female student alleged she’d been sexually assaulted multiple times between late last year and March.

And on Thursday, she filed a $1-million lawsuit against the teacher and the Toronto District School Board, alleging he groomed her for years and the board did nothing to protect her.

In her claim, she alleges that during her last few years of high school, Kraft would often make inappropriate and sexually suggestive comments and “took every opportunity to touch her in a sexual manner.” She claims he would also make disparaging remarks about her boyfriend not being “man enough” for her.


CANADIAN LAWYER - LSO allows lawyer to surrender licence in review that considered his mental health

A Law Society of Ontario tribunal has decided to move forward with the termination of a lawyer’s licence, in a decision that included a lengthy analysis of the lawyer’s mental health issues.

Darryl Singer, head of the commercial and civil litigation practice group at Diamond & Diamond Lawyers, represented Darwin Anthony Yantha of Barry's Bay, Ont., and he says he was torn about the decision. He says that although he was disappointed that his client will have his licence terminated, he was “very, very” happy with the tribunal’s consideration of its duty to accommodate alcoholism and depression under the Ontario Human Rights Code.


IT WORLD CANADA - Toronto man sues Facebook $500,000 for ‘anxiety’ related to Cambridge Analytica breach

In a release from Diamond and Diamond, the law firm retained by Mettucci, he claims to have received two notifications from Facebook in April, notifying him that on a couple occasions his “personal information had been improperly accessed and shared with Cambridge Analytica without his consent or knowledge.”

This is an unprecedented lawsuit that seeks to answer the question, how much is our private data worth.

Singer told IT World Canada that this has caused his client significant pain and grief as well as a loss of quality of life. Mattucci is receiving psychological treatment and has had to increase his medications since the whole experience began.


THE LAWYER'S DAILY - Wellness: Envy is the enemy of mental health for lawyers

The heart of envy is this: we desire what someone else has. Here’s the problem: we don’t really know what others have. We have the outward signs and external trappings of what others have, which is not a reliable indicator of what they want, either. They are probably envying what someone else has. In essence, we’re envying what someone else appears to have.

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