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Darryl Singer believes in speaking his mind, giving back to the legal profession, doing the right thing, and speaking out for those who cannot speak for themselves. He is frequently quoted in The Law Times and has been published in The Globe and Mail. He is regularly featured on Newstalk 1010, Toronto’s largest talk radio station. He is a member of AdvocateDaily.com. He is the wellness columnist for The Lawyer’s Daily, a LexisNexis Canada publication. He blogs about legal ethics and fighting for those who don’t have a voice at Huff Post Canada.


NEWSTALK 1010 - Anxiety, Depression and Addiction, by Darryl Singer

Barb DiGiulio, host of “The Night Side” on Newstalk 1010, talks to civil litigator Darryl Singer about his article published February 18, 2017, in The Globe and Mail about Anxiety, Depression and Addiction.


THE GLOBE AND MAIL - A lawyer’s secret: Addiction, anxiety and depression, Op-Ed by Darryl Singer

Darryl Singer writes about his multi-year ordeal of depression, anxiety, and addiction to OxyContin--a highly addictive substance. He's one of the lucky few who managed to overcome his addiction.


MY BUSINESS MAGAZINE - Darryl Singer the lawyer "In Your Corner"

Darryl is proud of the fact that for many years now, the majority of his referrals come from other lawyers, including some of whom who’d be deemed competitors, and even those who have litigated against him.

Moreover, he’s been called upon over the years to teach courses and seminars for a number of professional organizations including: the Law Society of Upper Canada, Canadian Bar Association, George Brown College, Paralegal Society of Ontario, and Ryerson University’s Law Practice


THE LAWYER'S WEEKLY - Modernizing the civil courts

Everyday technology could reduce costs, increase access to justice


THE LAW TIMES - Licence Appeals Tribunal simplified but skewed?

Accident victims at the lower end of the scale are not going to be able to find representation because lawyers have to carry a file for a number of years before an insurance payout occurs, personal injury lawyer Darryl Singer tells The Law Times freelancer Marg Bruineman.


THE LAW TIMES - Reduced coverage concerning: lawyers

Personal injury lawyer Darryl Singer tells The Law Times freelancer Marg Bruineman that the June 1, 2016 cuts to catastrophic car accident insurance benefits “boggle the mind.”


THE LAWYER'S WEEKLY - MVA victims left unrepresented

Recent changes to the law surrounding motor vehicle accidents in the name of expedient and fair justice has had the perverse effect of leaving many injured victims unable to find legal representation.


NEWSTALK 1010 - Darryl Singer talks about distracted driving to host Barb DiGiulio

Darryl Singer talks to host Barb DiGiulio about distracted driving and the fact that Toronto had 43 pedestrian deaths in 2016 on “The Night Side.” (8 minutes). NOTE: It is the last interview on the page at the above URL.


CBC RADIO - Darryl Singer talks about mental health to the CBC’s Nicole Ireland

Darryl Singer talks to the CBC’s Nicole Ireland about his addiction to depression, OxyContin, and mental health in the legal profession.


NEWSTALK 1010 - Car accidents, car insurance, and distracted driving on “The Night Side.”

Personal injury lawyer Darryl Singer talks to host Barb DiGiulio about car accidents, car insurance, and distracted driving on “The Night Side.” (1 hour)

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