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Darryl Singer believes in speaking his mind, contributing to the legal profession, and standing up to do the right thing. He is frequently quoted in The Law Times and has been published in The Globe and Mail. He is regularly featured on Newstalk 1010, Toronto’s largest talk radio station. He is a member of AdvocateDaily.com. He is the wellness columnist for The Lawyer’s Daily, a LexisNexis Canada publication.


"The Nighside," NEWSTALK 1010 - Darryl Singer talks about over-billing, excessive profits by Ontario Auto Insurers (MP3 file)

In an updated report dated April 26, 2018, by Dr. Fred Lazar, of the Schulich School of Business, a number of things have come to light about car insurance rates and lack of accident benefit payouts for Ontario drivers:

- Auto insurance companies are making record profits.
- Premier Wynne promised a 15% reduction in auto insurance premiums. Instead, we have a 2.5% increase.
- Claims are actually down by 27%.
- And yet, we get the Big Insurance party line: “There’s sooooo much fraud out there, that’s why premiums are so high to offset fraud….”
- The starting point for all car insurance claims, especially accident benefits and rehab, is always: “Denied!”
- The regulator, Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO), that is supposed to regulate profitability, is allowing TRIPLE profit margins by Big Insurance companies.
- Where is the accountability? Neither the regulator nor the Ontario Provincial Government is taking action on this.


THE LAWYER'S DAILY - Wellness: Five ways to reduce stress and boost practice profits

Let’s talk workflow (or work-in-process, WIP), money and your stress. Guess what? The three are linked. So, if you are a new lawyer starting out on your own, or a more senior lawyer leaving the comforts (and protection) of a larger firm to test the solo or small partnership model, here are five tips learned from 24 years of experience:


THE LAW TIMES - Limitation Period Ruling

Darryl Singer, one of Brown’s lawyers, says the decision is important because it encourages the precedent set in Winmill v. Woodstock (Police Services Board), 2017 ONCA 962, regarding limitation periods.

“The major finding in this case was the limitation period in an assault and battery case. The facts are the same, like a mirror image,” he says.


HUFF POST - Protect Ontarians From The Only Industry That Takes Your Money, Then Calls You A Liar

Insurance companies have long managed to manipulate our institutions into believing that there's so much fraud they must deny every claim.


PRECEDENT Magazine - Three experts help solve some of the thorniest mental-health problems

Darryl Singer: It depends on where you work, who your boss is and how long you’ve worked there. Consider: Are you at a small firm? Is your boss known to be understanding about these things? Are you working for a larger firm as a typical associate who’s grinding away, and thus don’t know the partners’ attitudes? I wish we had evolved as a profession to the point where the answer to this question could be an unqualified yes.


THE LAWYER'S DAILY - Wellness: Being a witness turned me into a lawyer with empathy

I now understand why a client can’t simply get his or her head around the facts and the law, but must personalize everything; why they see it through their version of the truth as opposed to whatever the objective truth might be. It has made me realize that I can no longer simply tell clients “don't worry, it’ll be okay.” I owe it to clients in preparing them to give evidence not only to help them understand the facts, the law and the process, but also to try to understand their emotions to help put them at ease.


THE EVAN SOLOMON SHOW - "My life as a drug addicted lawyer" (NEWSTALK 1010, syndicated across Canada)

Popular radio show hosts Evan Solomon and Amanda Lang talk to Darryl Singer about his 4-year addiction to OxyContin and how it wreaked havoc with his family life, personal friendships, and his law practice.


HUFF POST - My life as a drug addicted lawyer

There are a lot of movies about drug lords, drug dealers and drug addicts. That's Hollywood for you. But two hours later, you're back in your own world. Comfy, cozy.

What is more difficult for Hollywood to depict is what it's like living with a drug addict, the effect they have on the people around them, plus how long people actually battle drug addiction. It's not as sexy as snorting cocaine through rolled-up $1,000 bills in a fancy New York nightclub. Or as seedy as shooting up in a filthy public washroom.


THE TORONTO STAR - Chris Spence loses appeal to keep PhD amid plagiarism findings

University of Toronto appeals tribunal says recommendation last June to cancel former TDSB director's doctorate 'was correct.' Spence now intends to seek a judicial review of the decision, his lawyer says.

Five years after facing the first explosive allegations of plagiarism, Chris Spence has lost his fight to hold onto his PhD at the University of Toronto.


THE LAWYER'S DAILY - Five ways to stop your smartphone from controlling your day

A 2015 British study showed that the average smartphone user checks their phone 150 times a day. That’s every six minutes. Microsoft itself published a report in 2015 that stated that the average attention span of smartphone users was reduced from 12 to eight seconds. Experts believe, based on studies like these, that the long-term impact of smartphones is to reduce both brainpower and memory elasticity.

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